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Building consistency.

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Consistency is the first step to achieving your goals

So for the last 45 days, I have been consistent with my German lessons.

I am very happy about it. I have tried many learning routines before but I always tap out after a week. This time though, I am doing it and I am seeing good results. So let me tell you what I changed.

I used to use the wrong tools for me

Before, I would get a textbook, setup a notion page, download the top 500 flashcard deck and setup anki.


After that, I would watch YouTube videos for the best techniques. Sadly, none of this would help me be consistent. After a week, I would stop doing my lessons, stop reviewing my flashcards and loose all that initial momentum. I have done this more than 5 time now.

I found a better routine and technique

45 days ago, I decided to do something new. I saw a video by Professor Arg├╝elles.

In the video, he outlines a method for language learning in under 15 minutes a day. I watch the video and took notes to use this method. I mostly follow this method but it takes me around 90 minutes so 6 time longer. It might take you less.

My routine as of today

I use the asimil textbook like professors says. And listen to the audio on my laptop. Finally, I use pen and paper to take notes. No notion or any other digital note taking apps.

This is what I do everyday for language learning

  • I write the lesson number and title on a new page in my book
  • I listen to the audio once to get a feel for it
  • I then listen to the audio and shadow (speak out loud following the speaker) the speaker 5 times
  • I then listen to the audio and shadow while reading the English translation 5 times
  • I then listen to the audio and shadow while reading the German text 5 times
  • After I go over the lesson learning the grammar points (making sure to write down point in my book).
  • Finally I answer the question and mark. Then correct the ones I got wrong.

In all this take about 90 minutes to do, not 15 minutes. Also I don’t pause or slow the audio. After a couple lessons, the speed wont be a problem.

Why I think this new routine is helping

I think the biggest difference is having clear a milestone. I want to finish asimil in a hundred days. This is milestone in my journey to learn German.

With Asimil, you can easily track your progress. This helps me stay motivated because I know every chapter is a step closer to my goal.

I hope this post will help you find a routine that works for you. That way to can become consistent too.